Anna Marie Savage's practice explores the idea of studying ‘identity’ and more importantly how cultural and national identity is realized today albeit in a romanticized, reminiscent concept . She has recently come to the conclusion that she is also a collector…A collector of narrative, a collector of indigenous form and a collector of the piseog… As an artist who works with paint, sound and drawing, she is increasingly fascinated by the relationship between the fundamentals of two dimensional visuals and three dimensional forms and how they can embody the ideals of language, land and people.

Savage always starts with the physical facts of painting, using painting as the most recognizable ‘sign’ of art while introducing installation processes that reflect the new artistic media. She exploits numerous ways in which process can be ‘applied’ to paint, to make paintings that are more like presentations of the substance and material of paint rather than those of conventional paintings and through the interpretation of narrative and strong constitution to place, she explores the relationships between indigenous cultural forms and new modes of expression. The details of the physical appearance of the subject give way to her own individual poetic interpretation and indeed her own perspective of how she regards/resolves the exploration of cultural and national identity. The viewer is invited to reflect upon a time, a place and a people that have changed; an ethereal utopia with shape and form dominating the work, more now than the subject matter.

Anna Marie Savage 2019