Anna Marie Savage is a Fine Art graduate of the Belfast School of Art, University of Ulster, where she received a First Class Honours Degree in 2009. She is currently a member of ArtCan, London and currently exhibiting in their latest virtual online exhibition Prelude and upcoming exhibitions, Set in Stone, 44AD Gallery, Bath, 2021 and TRANS|FORM The Cello Factory, London, 2021.

See Anna Marie's latest work here or please get in contact with her to discuss other work.

A core thread that weaves through Anna Marie Savage’s work is a probing of identity, ranging from the personal through to the cultural and political sometimes albeit in a romanticized, reminiscent concept. Everything she believes in; her country, its historical reference, its language, its culture, and identity forms who she is and thus informs her work. As an artist who works with paint, photography and installation, Savage is increasingly fascinated by the relationship between the fundamentals of two-dimensional visuals and three -dimensional forms and how they can embody the ideals of language, land, and people.